We are a company that is newly established in the industry but years of experience in the field. 

What makes us stand out more than our competitors is our focus on being swift on delivery time,amazing customer service , no one can beat our prices. 

During COVIC-19 its been such a challenge for customers to receive product on a timely manor, we have worked with several bike company's to insure you a swift action on processed orders.

(We have made every effort to make this process simple and swift with amazing quality results).


1. Inform Steady -N-Ride Location  

Let us know where you purchase the bicycle and we will reach out to the Bicycle store and confirm and pick up. 


2. Steady-N-Ride make an appointment 

We will coordinate the best time and location when and where to deliver your order.

3.Price Quote 

From the information we received from  1.2. we are able to give your a price quote.

4. Secure you you appointment time with payment

You have 2 options over the phone with an agent or or website@ www.steadynride.com

Call Us for a free estimate